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Napoleon Dynamite screen printed scatter cushion

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Gosh, here is a shaped scatter cushion featuring the awesome Napoleon Dynamite and one of his pearls of wisdom.

This can be used to ascertain the worthiness of people who enter your home. How to use:

#1 Place cushion on a chair or sofa.

#2 Listen closely as people near the cushion.

#3 If they immediately chortle or begin quoting Napoleon Dynamite these people are keepers.

#4 If they mistake Napoleon for 70's TV star from University Challenge, Bamber Gasgoigne, they are also keepers. Just educate them in the ways of Napoleon.

#5 If they make not comment, sneer or question why Tina is a fat lard then show these people to the door. No-one needs this kind of negativity in their life... Unless it's your Gran. It's ok if she doesn't get it.

Select which freakin' quote you want when ordering.

Cushion care:

If you see anyone balancing their freakin' Tots or dang quesadilla on the cushion shout at them! It's not a freakin' tray!

If it does get messy just carefully spot clean with a damp cloth. If you throw it in the washing machine on a cool wash it will probably be okay but that's your freakin' responsibility, gosh.

The cushion is designed, printed and made in my often sunny studio on the south coast in the UK. It is made using water based inks, 100 % cotton fabric and stuffed with toy safe poly stuffing or carded wool.

Sizes vary but they are roughly 7" x 11".