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New For 2023

The start of 2023 has been busy with so many new idols being designed and launched. Check out the newest idols. Music fans will love Freddie Mercury, PJ Harvey and Robert Smith. There's something for art lovers with the iconic Jean-Michel Basquiat. Fashion enthusiasts will love designers Vivienne Westwood, Patrick Grant and Esme Young. And we can't forget Pedro Pascal who is enjoying a moment of being, quite possibly, the biggest thing on the internet. If you haven't seen a Pedro edit on Tiktok you are missing out!

New Idols

Pedro Pascal Cushion Doll

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Patrick Grant Mini Doll Keepsake - Tinned Idol

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Esme Young Keepsake Mini Art Doll and Tin

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Craft Kits

These screen printed idol sewing kits are perfect for all skill levels. If you are a beginner at sewing the super easy to follow instructions will guide you through to help you make your very own celebrity doll. For the more experienced crafter you can go to town on your embellishments or embroidery. These kits make a perfect gift for every pop culture fan.

Black and white screen printed fabric doll of Elton John beside a craft sewing kit on a white background.

Sew Your Own Idol Kits

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Pop Culture Collectibles

The perfect gift for pop culture super fans. Theses mini fabric idols come in a keepsake tin which will look great displayed on the collection shelf but also makes the mini idol perfect as an on the go idol companion. Why should kids be the only ones to keep cool things in their bags!

Tinned Idols

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Mini fabric doll of singer Kate Bush in a tin. This is held in an open hand against a pink wall.

Pop Culture Dolls

These adorable screen printed fabric dolls of your favourite pop culture hero, musical idol or feminist icon make perfect inspirational gifts for little kids and wonderfully huggable dolls for big kids. You might not realise that your Dad needs a Louis Theroux doll because he probably doesn't even know it himself yet. But trust me, he'll love it.

louis theroux and danny devito dolls on a shelf by a plant and empty gilt frame

Monochrome Idol Dolls

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Colourful Toys at Fat Hen And Flo

As well as idols we also have a range of colourful illustrated toys for kids, big and small. Inspired by the nostalgia of childhood and the importance of encouraging imaginative play these dolls and cushions are designed to evoke storytelling, imaginative play and be a friend to share secrets and adventures with.

Pocket Pets and Friends

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Nursery Decor

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Whimsical Friend Dolls

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