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Posted by Susan McKenna on


Harry Styles is a British singer and songwriter, iconic to our current society. From One Direction to his solo career, Harry has become one of the most successful music artists of his generation.

Harry’s upcoming album, Harry’s House, has us all questioning what being at home with the man himself would be like. What does each room in his house feature? Who does he invite round? His new album will hopefully give us an insight of what it would be like.

Album cover of Harry Styles album Harry's House


Personally, I imagine Harry’s living room to be the communal area of his house, a glammed up area with a 70’s feel to it, with the main feature to be a conversation pit. A large area to socialise in, with many of his own idols like: Stevie Nicks; Mick Fleetwood; Shania Twain and his mother of course (with a hope of the One Direction boys to join him).


You can just picture Harry waking up on a Sunday morning. Dancing into the bathroom to get ready, singing in his shower, using a shampoo bottle as a microphone, putting on a playlist of songs consisting of: ‘Fly Me to the Moon’ by Bobby Womack; ‘Sunday Kind of Love’ by Etta James; and ‘Day Dreaming’ by Aretha Franklin. His counter is messy, with his Pleasing nail varnishes scattered over the sink. Harry wipes off the condensation of the mirror, before singing to his reflection and putting back on his pearl necklace and Gucci rings.

Line drawing of Harry Styles ironing by Keeley Osborne

Illustration by Keeley Osborne


I believe the kitchen is the core to Harry’s house. Many times Harry has mentioned the kitchen as an intimate space for him, for example in his song Sunflower Vol.6 “kiss in the kitchen like its a dancefloor”. When Harry was a teenager, he had a job as a baker in Holmes Chapel, so no doubt he still uses those baking skills in the kitchen today.


Harry’s ultimate dinner party would include many of his own idols. He considers Shania Twain to be one of his biggest influences; they recently performed at Coachella 2022 together. Stevie Nicks and Harry have become very close friends, admiring each other’s personalities and supporting one another’s careers, performing with each other on multiple occasions. Harry still refers to Mick Jagger as a source of inspiration, especially with his style in clothing, with his latest music video “As It Was” wearing the sparkling red jumpsuit. And of course Niall Horan would be invited, with the duo still being in touch after the one direction hiatus.

Black and white line drawing of Harry Styles with his dream dinner guests sat around a table.

Illustration by Keeley Osborne


This blog was written by guest blogger and Harry Styles super fan, Keeley Osborne.

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